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Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Japanese Painting. Studied under Matazo Kayama. Studied Dance under  Saburo Teshigahara,Studied martial arts and Aikido under Moriteru Ueshiba. also interacted with Pina Bausch 2001-04.


Established ITO-GUMI in 1986, a comprehensive theater performance with solo theater and paintings, video art , Japanese musical instrument, dancer and choreographer. 1991-92 World first mapping Theater, performed One year in a row, George Pompidou Center forecourt, Paris. 2013-18 Collaborated with Choreographer and dancer Kei Takei. Performances over 35 years in 80 countries including overseas Theater Festivals. Organized and Performed at  Peach Moon Arts Festival as a yearly event, in support of the  reconstruction project for the Big East Japan Earthquake. The Theater performances is based on Shoko Ito's original script, which is a fusion of classic Rakugo and modern Manga, is highly regarded around the world.

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