Master Shoko & Margarita

Samurai Granma



Ms.Shoko Ito Playwright, theater director, actor and painter

1986 Graduated Tokyo Tama Art University, Japanese drawing under Kayama Matazo. 1989 Studied contemporary dance under Saburo Teshigawara. During the studies in Tama Art University , founded a therater groupt `angels temptetion` and there efter Ito- Gumi Solo theater performances . Performance all over the World in the last 31 years.

1991 Lived and Performed in France,1995 in the UK,2005 in Germany.

2001 Japan embassy invitation in the UK , "Japan 2001" Festival. Edinburg Festival, Onna Nogubaga , Rave reviews, The stage UK, 20

Edinburgh Theatre Festival, the most prestigious THE one-man show at STAGE "On'naNobunaga" rave reviews in the UK. 2012 "A Geisha Samurai" Avinion , is rave reviews in France. '91 France, '95 United Kingdom, in 2005 Germany resident. One man show is subjected to a high reputation in the country.

2013 Theater Kinokuniya "Onna Nobunaga" witch also became a movie production with the same Title . Best Dancer Award at the Netherlands Film Festival from the short movie MOMENTUM. Awards in Swiss film festival, Ukraine Film Festival Grand Prize, USA and Germany with a total of and 10 awards. (Http://

2015 India Dehli ,, Collaboration work with Kei Takei , Choreophapher with the Play Master Shoko and Margarita. (Rave reviews) . Edingburg Festival, UK ( Rave reviews, ).

2016 Performances are planned in Kathmandu of Nepal and in Delhi of India (at the Japan Foundation).



Ito is unboubtely a telented and energetic performer ... boundless charm ( The Stage, UK)

Shoko Ito is an UFO,. Her play is the most refreshing theater in my life ~Journal Provance , France (Avignon Theatre Festival)


Shinya Takaoka , Visual artist . He was born in Kanazawa, Japan.

Shinya has been working worldwide with Video production for Music, dance and collaboration art . He has also been working for outdoor festivals since 1998, as a a VJ in Tokyo clubs adn latelly in Collaboration work with Louis Vuitton, Video director for Tiffany, Bulgari, Benetton, Lexus. Other work involve Taiko Group `Gocoo` , and in the music scen

Shinya has been responsible as VJ for Kitaro 2013 Concert tour.



Ms.Chika Kato Stage Designer

Tama Art University Graduate School of painting, Japanese drawing . During her studies she also worked with Takeshi Kawamura. Kato worked with the theater Daisan-erotica. She worked with conutless Theater production, with fringe theater to majjor productions. She worked with production with majpr artists as EXILE, TV-NHK50 anniversary program with Okaasan to Issho.

In her late twenties she got the Kanamori Kaoru stage art price.

With Theater Rerinkogun, director Youji Kakate , Emperor and kissing, they won Yomiuri Theater award . Major works, Hideki Noda , ‚Run mellos’, Eri Watanabe directed , Theater Kabukiza,` Cut the nibb of a bird` and so on.


Ms.Kei Takei choreographer , Dancer , Director

Kei Takei 's is the founder or Moving Earth Orient Sphere. Her debut in 1969 with the "LIGHT, Part1". In total 39 Part has been produced up to date. She has also been lecturing around the world. 1978 Nederlands Dans Theater, 1982 Israel choreography. 1980~ 1983 American Dance Festival , 1979 and 1985 perforances in Japan ( (Invided by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan-US Foundation ). 1990 a "24-hour LIGHT" prformance in Miniapolis, USA

keitakei returned to Japan in 1992 . Work produced since her return,

1995 at the Tokyo theater X~ Odaiba, 1997 in Berlin and Wales, 2001 Israel, San Francisco, NY, 2002 , India, performance in the Netherlands in 2007. The performance at the 2008 American Dance Festival 75th anniversary, Resume from 2009 the "LIGHT" series, and have been actively carried out creative activities.

Winner of Dance Critics Association Awards, Meet The Composer Award, Nimura dance Prize in 2012, the Education, Culture, Sports, Science Minister's Prize of the 29th Eguchi Takaya Award .Nagano Olympic choreography.


The Geisha Samurai

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