Japan-Poland 100th diplomatic relations

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Onna Nobunaga

Shoko Ito Solo play & movie In "Theater X 2021 New Year Art Hot Pot"

Onna Nobunaga


Place : Theater Χ (2-10-14 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Theater 1st and 2nd floor)


Date : 2021 January 8th (Friday) 19:00 Start


Ticket : 1000 yen(Common for 3 days)


Details : http://www.theaterx.jp/21/210107-210109p.php

First prize2016&2018 ”Fairy Tales”〜”Dog and Cat“

in Aremenia International Theater Festival

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Performed 2019 pictures



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Performed 2017 pictures



Sur Lanka・Moldives



A letter of recommendation


“Dear Shoko,

  Your performance made me happy; I haven't seen something comparable from the time of Marcel Marceau; he was a mime, you are vocal. But you both are in the same class of achievement.


Andrzej T. Wirth”


 *Translation from Wikipedia about Andrzej T. Wirth:

  Andrzej Tadeusz Wirth (born April 10, 1927 in Włodawa) is Polish-German theater Scientific, theater critic and university teacher. He founded in 1982 in Giessen, the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, the first time theoretical, humanities and creative reflection, practical action linked in training. Graduates of this program have significantly affected the flow of post-dramatic theater.

Shoko Ito Won a main prize of "Arus Voskanyan" !

In Armenia International Theater festival !

photo : Jura Bake

50th anniversary performance of Japan · Maldives diplomatic establishment

【Shoko Ito's Japanese solo Theater "Samurai Grandma"】

Maldives National University and University of Sri Lanka · Kelania  Theater


Event Summary :

2017.10.4 "Samurai Grandma" performance @Maldives National University 20:00

2017.10.5 Theatrical performance・Screening · Workshop @Maldives National University 20:00


2017.10.9 "Samurai Grandma" performance @University of Sri Lanka · Kelania18:00

2017.10.10 Theatrical performance・Screening · Workshop @University of Sri Lanka · Kelania16:00


Location :

University of Sri Lanka · Kelania

Rahdhebai Higun, Machangolhi Male' 20-04, Maldives


University of Sri Lanka · Kelania

Dalugama, Kelaniya, 11600, Sri Lanka

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