Shoko Ito



Born in Omiya (Bonsai-city) Japan in Bosai Family farm.

Playwright, theater director, actor and movie director.


Performing Solo theater over 30 year and traveling to 62 countries in the world.

Writing stories since 3 years old.


1983 First theater play performance “Golden Triangles” in Temptation Angels, Tokyo, Japan.


1986 Graduated Tokyo Tama Art University, studied Japanese drawing under Kayama Matazo.


1989 Studied contemporary dance under Saburo Teshigawara.

Founded a theater group Ito- Gumi Solo theater performances.

Performed all over the World in the last 32 years since then.


2001 Japan embassy invitation in the UK, "Japan 2001" Festival. Edinburg Festival, “Onna Nobunaga”,

and obtained good reviews.


2004 One man show is subjected to a high reputation in Berlin, Germany.


2012 “A Geisha Samurai” performed in Avignon Festival is rave reviews in France.


2013 Theater Kinokuniya "Onna Nobunaga" which also became a movie production with the same Title.


2015 “Master Shoko and Margarita”, collaboration work with Kei Takei, a choreographer, in Japan Foundation Delhi, India.  Edinburgh Festival, UK (Rave reviews).


2016 Solo Theater at the Japanese Embassy and “Theater Village” in Katmandu, Neplal,

at the Japanese Foundation in New Delhi,

at “Lorifest” in Armenia organized by the Armenian Government,

at “Peach-Moon Art Festival” in Tohgetsuen in Japan.


2017 Solo Theater at “Japanese Festival” in Ahmedabad, India invited by the Japanese Consulate,

at Cluture Institut Club der Ponischen Versager in Berlin, Germany,

at “BUNKASAI” in Mumbai, India invited by the Japanese Consulate


Solo Theater and Workshop for Japan-Maldives 60th Anniversary Diplomatic Relations,

Thailand-Japan 130th anniversary Diplomatic Relations at Khon kaen University,

Japan-Malaysia 60th anniversary Diplomatic Relations at “Experimental Theater” at Malay University



Solo Theater and Workshop for Irland-Japan 60th anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations at Dublin City University,

at NTV/ “Kunja Theater” organized by the Japanese Empassy and Theater Village





Ito is undoubtedly a talented and energetic performer ... boundless charm

                                        〜(The Stage, UK)



Shoko Ito is an UFO. Her play is the most refreshing theater in my life

                    〜Journal Provance, France (Avignon Theatre Festival)


Your Performance made me happy; I haven’t seen something comparable from the time of Marcel Marceau; he was mime, you are vocal. But you both are in the same class of achievement.

~Andrzej Tadeusz Wirth (a Polish-German theater scholar, theater critic and university teacher)



(About Movie: The Samurai‘s Sister)


" It is very good title, Radical, Shoko use a lot of original technic, you made Minimalistic expressions, personal and universal very interesting, wonderful movie! "

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